Rodent Control

Rodent Control, Trapping, and Exclusion In St. Augustine

Rats and mice can be a real nuisance and cause major damage to a home if not properly trapped and removed. They also carry several different dangerous diseases that can be a major health risk to you and your family. We can build a customized plan to trap and remove these rodents and seal up any entry points around the home to prevent any potential future infestations. After we have successfully removed the rodents from the home and sealed up entry points, we can start our Rodent Control Plan. Our Rodent Control Plan consists of initially placing the appropriate amount of rodent bait stations around the exterior foundation of the home and filling each station with rodenticide bait blocks to attract and exterminate rats and mice. We will visit the home monthly to perform an exterior inspection of the home and check each bait station. We will check the stations for signs of activity and refill the rodenticide as needed.

We use a strategic approach to rodent control, trapping, and exclusion so that we not only fix the problem, we prevent it from happening again!

Our Rodent Trapping and Exclusion Program Includes

Pest Control Plans Starting At Just $25 a Month!

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