Termite Control

South Country’s
Total Protection Termite Guarantee

We stand behind our termite treatment by offering customers a 10-year guarantee against subterranean termites and the damage they cause to the structure and contents of your home.


At South Country Pest Control we do not recommend or offer bait stations. Bait stations do not provide complete barrier protection against subterranean termites. Some companies charge an extremely high amount of money to simply place these stations around your home. Placing bait stations is easy for the company installing them, however, it’s not an actual liquid treatment and it leaves your home vulnerable to termite infestations. We recommend and offer a liquid barrier treatment using only the best termiticides on the market. We believe in doing the job right and serving our customers the best way possible! We don’t want to bait the termites in, we want to exterminate them if they even get close!

What does our Total Protection Termite Guarantee Include?

What are the different Termite Guarantees that We Offer?

We offer 2 different types of guarantees for Subterranean Termites. We have our Total Protection Guarantee which includes repair and retreatment for any new live activity and damage. We also have our Service Guarantee which offers re-treatment for any new live activity. Both guarantees are for good for 10 years if you maintain your annual renewal fee and allow us to perform our annual inspection to ensure that our treatment is working, and no new termite activity developed.

How do you know which guarantee your home will qualify for?

The first step would be to contact us for a free consultation. We take a few things into consideration like, how the home is constructed, adjacent patios or potential obstructions, and any existing conditions that may be conducive to Termite activity. Next, we would schedule to perform our initial termite treatment. We apply our liquid termite treatment directly to the soil around the home and can issue a 10-year guarantee to most qualifying homes.

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